Trojans U10 Mini Hockey Tournament – 11th March 2018

March 4th, 2018,

Venue : U10’s tournament at Trojans, Stoneham Ln, Southampton SO50 9HT.

Please arrive at the pitch by 9.15am, games will start at 9.45am. Matches will be finished by 1pm

Please wear, purple socks, yellow shirt, black skort or shorts. Bring warm clothes as you will be hanging around between games. Don’t forget your stick, mouthguard and shinpads, some snack and plenty to drink.

All games have been given a 12 minute window so however quickly the teams get off and the new teams get on will dictate how much play is had.

Please note no one other that the teams playing, coaches, managers and umpires will be allowed on the pitches for safety. Spectators can sit in the stands pitch side.

Please can you remind parents that DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE SIGHT.

The bar and club house will be open so hot drinks and food will be available all day.

The teams for next Sunday are as follows:

Winchester 1
1. Lucy Baker
2. Bess Carter
3. Annie Clegg
4. Arabella Crompton
5. Beatrice Eaton
6. Maddie Hawke
7. Phoebe Lewis
8. Millie Morgan
9. Poppy Russell

Winchester 2
1. Max Blockley
2. Luke Sullivan
3. Edward Bulstrode
4. Harrison Kent (gk)
5. William Leyland
6. Noah Mahmood
7. Tom Nolan
8. Edward Swift
9. Johnny Wyatt

Winchester 3
1. Sophie Baker
2. Francesca Bradley
3. Amelie Carter
4. James Clark
5. Daniel de Schutter
6. Arthur Hancox
7. Amelia Mitchell
8. Alex Marinus
9. Emma Williams