2017-18 season junior coaching start dates (last updated 31st July 2017)

July 15th, 2017,

Here are the start details for coaching sessions this coming season


Please register (or re-register from last season) NOW – see the blue box on the right of the home page and then note down the start date and venue!

Girls coaching sessions:

Age     Venue               Day                    starting                 From :             To:
U16      Kings               Thursdays           31st August           6:00pm              8:00pm
U14      Bar End           Fridays                 8th Sept                7:00pm              8:30pm
U12      Bar End           Sundays              10th Sept               9:30am             11:00am

Boys coaching sessions:
Age     Venue              Day                      starting                From :              To:
U16      Kings              Tuesdays               29th August          6:00pm              8:00pm
U14      Kings              Fridays                    8th Sept               7:00pm              8:30pm
U12      Bar End          Sundays                10th Sept               9:30am             11:00am

Mini Hockey:

U8 and U10s Games and BBQ Kings 10:00am to 13:00 Sunday September 10th ONLY

Age     Venue              Day                     starting                   From :             To:
U10      Kings              Sundays               17th Sept                9:00am               10:30am
U8        Kings              Sundays               17th Sept                9:00am               10:30am


Last updated: 31st July 2017