u10s and u8s mini tournament report

December 16th, 2014,

Dear Parents,

What a great end to hockey 2014 for Winchester u10s and u8s.

This weekend’s mini tournament held in Andover was a great success.  A weekend of new experiences we had several players in both the u8s and u10s for whom it was their first tournament.  They all did us very proud with some excellent hockey being played at all levels.

The u8s fought the cold early Sunday morning and played on through all 5 matches despite missing their only substitute… 3 hours of hockey is no mean feet when tiny.  Thanks to Luke Nolan (father and coach) for looking after the team and also to Tom Nolan (son) for his great defence of the goal alongside Bertie Lander.

The u10 girls and boys did the club proud not losing any matches and ultimately finishing the season playing against each other in a nail biting draw… you read it here so it must be true!  It was great to see the more experienced players supporting their team mates in what were some really great matches.  Goals for people who had never played attack and great defence from those normally striking up front.

The teams improved as the morning progressed – you could say they were listening to their coaches… but actually I believe the players are just getting better and better…

The New Year brings us more opportunities for more players to take part (5 teams will be drawn to play in Southampton) so I am especially proud of those of the club who came to training even though they were not at the tournament.

Merry Christmas to you all.  I look forward to January 4th 2015.  Happy New Year.

A great end to 2014

A great end to Winchester u10s hockey 2014