Registration Forms

September 8th, 2014,

Hi Everyone,

Now that the hockey season is here, we need you all to complete our registration process. Our registration form is something that you must complete every year as we need to ensure that we have up to date details for you. If you do not register you may miss out on essential news and team selections.

Our registration form is here: Online Registration Form. Details of how to pay subs including amounts can be found at the end of the registration form process.

The Registration process will explain how to make a payment and allocate you a reference number to use for the payment (it is essential that you use this reference when making a payment).

For those of you who have already registered and need to make a payment, here are the details:

Payment Details

We strongly encourage you all to pay by BACS. Once you have registered online you will receive an email with full payment details including a unique payment reference code for each registered player (please use this when making your BACS payment). Please email Caroline Brown ( if you do not receive this email.

NOTE: If you are registering more than one player, you can make a single BACS payment using one of the payment references (see below), but please ensure that you email Caroline with full details to let her know that you have done this.

Many thanks for your help with this.

Best Wishes,