Match Report Winchester U14A Boys v Bournemouth U14A Boys

January 31st, 2012,

Match Report 

U14 Boys Hampshire Hockey League Division 1 Boys

Winchester U14A v Bournemouth U14A

29th January 2012

Winchester  U14A  3 – Bournemouth U14A  3

Winchester U14s boys hockey team had to get up pretty early to travel to Bournemouth for their latest early morning league match.

Despite the chilly conditions Winchester started brightly and Matt Cole went close early on as did Josh Keaveney‘s drag flick goal from a short corner which was  saved by the agile Bournemouth goalkeeper.     The pressure eventually wore Bournemouth down and Winchester broke the deadlock when Keaveney fired in a ball towards the left post towards left-winger James Wright.  The keeper got a foot to the ball first but Wright was able to pick up the rebound and slot home.

Bournemouth had some very good players particularly on the wings and in the centre of the pitch and it wasn’t long before they won a short corner and equalised with a well-taken shot inside the post.

The game ended one all at half time.  For the second half Winchester changed to a more defensive formation with Will Bryan joining Eddie Cooke and Scott Rawlings at the back to counter the surging runs of the Bournemouth wingers.

The midfield of Joe Winter, Toby Lelliott. Mattie Price and Will Bryan worked hard to contain Bournemouth and then to create opportunities.  Hugo Rickaby-Pratt linked well with the midfield from his position on the right wing and Oscar Birnie, Cameron Brown, Cole and Wright were full of running often rolling out the ball from the corners back to the midfield with good effect.

Midway through the second half Scott Rawlings, on one of his forays forward, picked up a loose ball made his way to the edge of the D and hit a hard drive at the left post where Will Bryan deftly deflected the ball into the goal for Winchester to take the lead again.  However Bournemouth, showing good spirit, came back again and equalised.

This was an even and hard fought battle and it was clear the game could go either way.    Keaveney almost broke the deadlock beating two players and shooting across the goalkeeper from the top of the D only for the ball to hit the left goal post and bounce out.     However Winchester showed great skill and determination and kept up the pressure eventually winning a short corner.   Bryan injected for Rawlings to stop and Keaveney opted to dribble round the two Bournemouth runners only to have his flick at goal saved by the Bournemouth goalkeeper.  However another short corner was awarded and this time the same routine saw Keaveney make no mistake as he slotted the ball into the side of the goal.

Could Winchester now hold on to the lead?   Birnie was drafted into midfield to try and shore it up against the expected onslaught and Finn Ashford was given a man marking job against one of the dangerous Bournemouth midfielders.   Sterling defence from Cooke, Bryan and Rawlings and some excellent smothering saves by McCallum kept Bournemouth at bay.

Winchester were exhorted by their coach to keep possession but despite some excellent work by Cole to pick up the ball, hold and then pass into the midfield, Winchester repeatedly gave the ball back to Bournemouth.   Finally a strong run down the right wing from Bournemouth’s towering right winger resulted in a dangerous cross which McCallum dived to parry away before the Bournemouth centre forward could take advantage, however with McCallum on the ground and the ball loose in the area, on this occasion Bournemouth pounced on the ball quicker than the Winchester defence and got a deserved equaliser.

The game ended shortly thereafter and the Winchester boys were a little disappointed but knew that they had been in a high quality game against strong and spirited opponents.

Finn Ashford, Oscar Birnie, Cameron Brown, Will Bryan (G1), Eddie Cooke, Matt Cole, Josh Keaveney (G1, A1),  Toby Lelliott, Rory McCallum, Mattie Price, Scott Rawlings (A1), Hugo Rickaby Pratt ,  Joe Winter, James Wright (G1).